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At Deck Cleaning Guys there are different types of deck cleaning options available to the customers. The different types of deck cleaning have the positive as well as negatives. At Deck Cleaning Guys you will also get deck cleaning solutions that are suitable for your deck cleaning needs. The Deck Cleaning Guys also stocks and sells the necessary tools needed for a proper cleaning job. There is also power chemicals that require less scrubbing to make the cleaning of your deck faster and more efficient.


Why clean your deck

The people who have decks in their homes understand that the deck is much more inviting when it is sparkling clean. The cleaning not only provides the deck with a fresh look but it also help maintain the integrity of the wood and therefore increasing the life of the deck. The deck cleaning should be periodically throughout the year, you can also have sweeping on weekly basis and removal of the debris as well. The Deck Cleaning Guys recommends an annual thorough cleaning, contact us today and let your deck be cleaned by professionals.


Quality products

The Deck Cleaning Guys provides quality products needed for a complete deck cleaning. The stores have bleach for stain removal from trusted manufacturers and therefore you can rely on us for your cleaning needs, also the equipment and simple tools such as scrubbing brushes are sold at Deck Cleaning Guys are the best quality and have competitive price tags.

For these and any other such services, please contact Deck Cleaning Guys on 888-469-6685.

Deck Cleaning

To have a professional deck cleaning contact Deck Cleaning Guys on 888-469-6685 and we will be proud to serve you, call us today and enquire for a professional quotation and book a personal consultation with the leading service providers as well.

* Wood deck cleaning

The exterior wood and deck cleaners at Deck Cleaning Guys are designed to clean and prep your exterior wood before the application of a wood stain. The cleaners at Deck Cleaning Guys come in different concentrates that have different ingredients, the main aim of deck cleaners is to get rid of contaminants such as dirt, oxidation, mold, algae and even a stain that has refused to come out sometimes. The deck cleaners are made up of caustics soaps that will aid in the scrubbing or pressure washing of the wood when you are prepping the wood; they normally raise the pH balance of the wood which leads to application of a deck brightener which neutralizes the acid so as to leave the wood in a neutral state.

* Oxygenated deck cleaners

The oxygenated based deck cleaners have been in use for over a decade now; the cleaners have the active ingredient sodium per carbonate which is a registered ingredient for removal of mold and mildew. The deck cleaners at Deck Cleaning Guys also contain additional surfactants that are used to boost the overall effectiveness when being used to clean exterior wood. At Deck Cleaning Guys these cleaners are normally sold in powdered concentrates that are normally mixed with water then applied to the woods surface. These cleaners are best applied with a garden pump sprayer then scrubbed or lightly pressure washed off.

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